A great advantage of BlockFood is being able to create a new set of features that will help its users get the most of the platform. This section will list some of them. The list is non-exhaustive.

Given BlockFood final goal to be available everywhere around the world, the applications will be available in a large number of languages.

BlockFood agile development method will help focus development to the features with most values while being able to innovate incrementally.

All features will be developed into a single application with dedicated views for specific actors.


The goal of customers is to be able to order food from restaurants, according to their own personal tastes and desires. They will have access to the following features:

  • Profile management
    • Set name, address
    • Set social avatars
  • Browse restaurants
    • Filtered by diet-specific options
    • Filtered by distance
    • Filtered by food type
    • See and add comments and grade for the restaurant
    • See and add comments and grave for each menu item
  • Create an order
    • Add items from a restaurant
    • Select available courier
  • Follow an order
    • See order status
    • See courier position
  • Manage orders
    • Order again
    • Share in social medium
  • Send messages to restaurants and courier
    • Send feedback
    • Send tips
  • Get involved
    • Vote for new restaurant
    • Vote for new items
    • Vote for BlockFood new features


The restaurants will have access to a specific interface, allowing them to define and add new items and menus, see orders and manage advertising.

They will have access for free to BlockFood data regarding nearby population and will be able to use it to better define what works in a specific location and statistics about their current items. We believe opening this kind of data to the restaurants will help consumers find products that suit them better.

The restaurants will have access to the following features:

  • Restaurant management
    • Set name, address, opening hours, phone, email, website
    • Create new items and set their price and availability
  • Manage orders
    • See and confirm new orders
    • Communicate with customers
    • Update order status
  • Advertise
    • Communicate with previous customers
    • Send communication about new items
  • Statistics
    • See local demographic statistics
    • See numbers of currently proposed items
    • Test a new recipe against local customers
    • See local customer needs that are unmet

Most features will be free for use, while specific features (like communication about new items) will cost some BFT to the restaurants. This is a part of the business model from the BlockFood platform and will be an adjustment variable from the dynamic commission rate from the smart contract.

BlockFood order module will be easy to integrate directly in restaurant websites. A specific view will be created for this purpose and integration will be completely free for restaurants. Customers will be able to create their order from the website and finalize it in the BlockFood application.

Restaurants will also be able to have their own courier fleet.


The couriers working for the platform will be able to access a courier-specific interface with all the following features:

  • Courier management
    • Set profile, name, avatar
    • Set availability
    • Set mean of transportation, maximum distance
    • Set working area
    • Set minimum price per kilometer traveled
    • Set price per order pick-up
    • Join a local courier cooperative
    • Order delivering equipment
  • Order management
    • See and confirm new orders
    • Update order after picking it up
    • Update order after delivering it

The couriers will need to be equipped with specific delivering equipment, which they will be able to buy at minimal cost directly on the platform. The manufacturing cost of these equipments will be transparent. Couriers can also provide their own equipment.

Couriers will have the possibility to join a local courier cooperative. Cooperatives will be able to group couriers together, set a common price per kilometer traveled, organize shifts. They will help the couriers have more weight than if they were alone. Different strategies will be available, including the possibility to share the payments from order deliveries proportionally to the individual courier participation, or simply stay on a per-delivery individual payment.

BlockFood ambassadors

The BlockFood ambassador program is a key aspect of the BlockFood business development model. Ambassadors will have access to a specific interface, dedicated to the registration of new restaurants and to marketing levers around BlockFood ecosystem.

Note that restaurants can be their own ambassadors and in this case they will also have access to the following features.

  • Ambassador management
    • Set profile, name, avatar
    • Set working area
  • Restaurant registration
    • Create a new restaurant
    • Update restaurant subscription status
  • BlockFood promotion
    • Get BlockFood promotional material (stickers, flyers, …)
  • Wiki documentation
    • How to convince a restaurant to join the BlockFood platform
    • How to register a new restaurant
    • How to promote BlockFood in your area

For all users

All users will have access to the following general features:

  • Account management
    • Creation
    • Configuration
    • Deletion
  • Wallet creation
    • Creation
    • Bank account configuration
    • BFT transfer
    • Manual BFT to conventional currencies ($, £, €, …)
    • Manual conventional currencies ($, £, €, …) to BFT
    • Automatic conversion strategy (especially for restaurants and couriers)
      • After each transaction
      • Once a day, once a week, once a month