The BlockFood project is launching through the creation of a new crypto-currency, the BlockFoodToken (BFT), which fuels the platform.

The nature of the token, along with the details on how the token-sale will be executed are currently being reworked.

You can make sure to be kept up to date by subscribing to our whitelist on our main page:

The actual whitelisting process will start in April 2018 and you can already join the whitelist process in order to be the first to know about its evolution.


  • March 2018: opening of whitelist subscription
  • April 2018: start of whitelist information process where the participants will be asked to fill a form containing:
    • Complete name
    • Country of residency
    • Nationality
    • Complete address
    • Photo of identity card
  • ? 2018: start of pre-sale (date to be announced).
  • ? 2018: start of token sale (date to be announced).